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The Project:

A private equity firm with anywhere from 50 to 100+ hotels in its portfolio at any given time, The Blackstone Group sought trusted consultants to ensure that its assets performed to maximum potential. Seeking assistance in efficiency, productivity, gross operating margins and revenue generation, Blackstone needed consultants that would bring results and hired Next! to deliver.

Project Description

What We Did:

As exclusive food & beverage consultant for all the Blackstone Real Estate Partnership’s food and hotel assets, Next! obtained upwards of 30% gross operating profit through food & beverage operations of these hotels, without cannibalizing or diminishing the quality of the Guest experience.

Project Specific Services Included:

  • Profit Improvement
  • Food & Beverage Asset Management Services
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Procurement Analysis
  • Menu Engineering

The Result:

Next! continues to work with Blackstone today.