From a single asset to portfolios of 100 or more properties, our professionals provide an industry-dedicated team approach to each transaction. This approach is supported by hospitality research that leads the industry in econometric-based national and local market forecasting.

Food and Beverage Deep Dive

Our Experience

With decades of experience advising hotels and restaurants throughout the world, the Next! team is able to offer unparalleled insight and optimum results through our Food & Beverage Deep Dive.

In locations that have ranged from Paris and San Juan to London and Noosa, Australia we have significantly improved every kind of operation from three-Michelin-starred restaurants to barbecue shacks and coffee kiosks. From fine dining to fast casual restaurants and hotel and resort food services of every kind, we know what to look for when deeply analyzing your assets.

We go through every angle of your restaurant or hotel operation, to make sure that the efficiency, quality of food & beverage offering, technology and service is set to maximize efficiencies and profits without under-cutting the service experience at all.

Generally, the project includes three days of intense work done with the executive team and two follow-up days 60 days after “buy-in” by the property.

Our Food & Beverage Deep Dive includes:

Technology Solutions

The Deep Dive includes complete and diligent analysis of all food and beverage operating systems. We make sure that your property is employs the most suitable technology solutions for the needs of your operation(s).

Operating Strategies

Our team makes sure that your property is employing the most effective strategies for success. This includes labor deployment, product procurement and applications, forecasts/budgets, operating equipment supplies and uses.

Menu Evaluation

We analyze your menus for design, pricing, and appropriate offerings to the concept(s). Using Stretch Price Analytics™, we make sure your menu is compelling, profitable, and encourages the Guest to have a memorable dining experience that maximizes your profit.

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