From a single asset to portfolios of 100 or more properties, our professionals provide an industry-dedicated team approach to each transaction. This approach is supported by hospitality research that leads the industry in econometric-based national and local market forecasting.

Hotel and Profit Performance

Current State of the Industry

Hotels lose profit because their operators and management companies focus their efforts on two major things:

First, there is more math and science to make what we do as efficient as possible than anyone gives credit. Having an accurate business forecast is of paramount importance when it comes to driving revenue and increasing Guest satisfaction, as well as making the most you can out of each dollar that gets taken into the system.

Second, labor scheduling to the business forecast and the deployment of the people when it comes to not only servicing the Guests, but also selling to the potential clients. Hotels often do not deploy their staff appropriately, from housekeepers to receptionists to marketing and sales, proper staffing and service is a conundrum that many have difficulty in solving.

Our Solution

That’s where Next! comes in to help. Our team has decades of experience in hotel improvement, ranging from most major global hotel brands to boutique destinations. We’ve helped hotel and resort properties throughout the world maximize profits, while maintaining and improve service in a way that keeps Guests coming back!

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