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The Project:

A global luxury hotel and resort management company approached Next! for help in improving gross operating profits in one of its hotel properties. Seeking to secure more management contracts with owners of additional hotels, the management company wanted to become more owner centric by improving operating efficiencies.

Project Description

What We Did:

Next! developed a roadmap to achieve the client’s profitability objective. This plan was created through a Food & Beverage Deep Dive, meetings with the executive committee, metric analysis and more.

With the roadmap in place, Next!’s work did not stop. Coaching the client through the roadmap and monitoring progress with follow up visits, phone calls and Webex conferences, Next! ensured that the plan was being followed and yielding results. As with the majority of clients, Next! provides guidance for a year after engagement in order to help clients achieve their goals.

Project Specific Services Included:

  • Menu Engineering and Placement
  • Staffing Guide Evaluations
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Banquet/Catering Selling Strategies
  • Procurement and Specification of Products Review

The Result:

In the aggregate, gross operating margins improved by 80%. The success of this project has led to Next! being retained to work on 14 additional projects with this brand, in a relationship that continues to this day.