Should “busy” Be An Excuse?

A new restaurant and bar opened near our community connected with a Midwest winery (yikes!). the pickings for more than decent, more than chain food, are slim where we live (I know, I should move to where the food is!), so we try these things out.

They seem to be doing really well, and probably beyond their own expectations.  Who knew there was such demand for decent food near us – I thought it was just my wife and I – ?

So, on our third or fourth visit, I was looking for something healthy (and I always seem to retreat to a fish entree when the mood overcomes me) and I ordered the Grouper.  

Those of you that know Grouper, know that it can be a little bit think and dense, offering a “taller than normal” fillet profile.  When my dish got delivered, it was the same preparation as the menu described, but with SNAPPER.  Now, I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE and, while I like snapper, I did not order Snapper, nor did anyone tell me that they had just run out of Grouper and had to sub Snapper. They just served it and, as they do, ran away.

When I finally got the server’s attention again, I mentioned to her that this wasn’t Grouper and was, in fact, Snapper.  She replied with: “Oh, I didn’t realize…” and ran away again.

A little later on, we received our check with no mention of the Grouper/Snapper guffaw and no changes made to our check.  What does this make you wonder about this restaurant?