Why Hotels Should Trust Food Service Professionals

trust hotel food service professionals and restaurant professionals

With the decline of hotel restaurants underway, the hospitality industry must get creative in its food & beverage offerings. Additionally, with a history of hotel managers unsuccessfully trying to wear restaurateur hats, there’s only one answer to this hospitality conundrum: trust food service professionals!

In a recent article on Hotel Management, Next Hospitality Principal Doug Zeif outlined why “hotels should leave the restaurant-running to those who do it for a living—and who earn a profit at the trade.” Especially, with the razor thin margins of the restaurant industry as they are, even trained hoteliers should seek guidance from restaurant and food service professionals.

Whether its increasing restaurant profit to boost the value of a hotel prior to sale or simply trying to launch a new brand with the best guest experience possible, hotel food & beverage programs require full attention and not just a cursory glance from management, otherwise you will always be asking the question: “where did my profit go this month?— and we’re sure the answer will not be “because we didn’t pay enough attention or do the job well.”  The answer will have something to do with either the leisure or group business being less than forecast for the period or meat prices went up and we didn’t react or some other typical “reason.”

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