Into the Unknown: Brexit and the UK Hospitality Industry

uk hospitality industry will be affected by brexit

After a surprise election after months of uncertainty following Brexit, there are now even more questions than answers for the UK hospitality industry. With negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU only having just kicked off last week, the UK hotel industry is bracing for significant effects on how they do business. Additionally, with a potential second Scottish independence reformation looming over the next few years, the future is all but clear.

What Effects Will Brexit Have on the UK Hospitality Industry?

A recent article in Hotel News Now discussed the uncertainty in the UK hospitality industry, where many hope for a “softer Brexit” that will allow foreign hotel workers to remain employed. And with the The British Hospitality Association “lobbying for some clarity, [with] none forthcoming… [the effects of Brexit are] a big unknown.”

Here at Next! Hospitality, we have been monitoring the situation very closely. With decades of experience in the global hospitality field, our team lead by Principal Doug Zeif has seen a variety of challenges that hotel brands deal with on a global scale:

We have worked on dozens of hotels in a variety of countries within the E.U. and maybe the nature of the disastrous effects on the hospitality industry Brexit will cause have yet to be considered,” Zeif said.

He continued- “I am positive dealing with our industry’s work force and the ensuing disappearance of the sheer numbers of people required to staff hotels and restaurants has yet to be devastating to the industry. For years, Briton’s have scoffed at doing this type of work and the available positions have been filled by Central and Eastern Europeans as well as people from Russia. Who will perform these jobs after Brexit? Rumor has it that workers will be allowed to stay, but that remains to be seen and will undoubtedly be a long and protracted negotiation. As well, with no influx of additional workers, industry growth is bound to stagnate. Either way, not a great outlook.”

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